One of the leading Apparel manufacturers/Traders in India, well known in the brand name Carvicapra. At the forefront of design, innovation and full-scale production specializing in producing knitwear, high-end apparel and accessories of the highest quality to high-end global fashion brands and boutiques across the globe.
Prathims group Textile division is perfectly positioned to stay on top of the latest trends in the ever-changing world of fashion, with a commitment to provide exceptional products which meet the high expectations of our customers.


Prathims Group has been a prominent name in the garment industry. Our expertise in converting ‘fibre to fashion’ guides us in creating value through design
We source garment for the foremost retailers for international markets.

Prathims Group also caters to various leading global apparel brands, Boutiques and High Street Retailors across the Globe.
We at Prathims Group also use our expertise to ensure the feasibility of a high-quality products.
Prathims Group is powering high-fashion brands across the world, while delivering unmatched excellence across the garment industry.


Prathims Group believes ‘Quality is priority in each and every action. A top-notch team of professionals consistently examine the intricacies of quality management through online. Right from the procurement to the delivery of end product, we use latest quality technology system and methods so as to meet the needs of the buyer.

Right through our production processes, we have rigorous testing of physical and chemical parameters to ensure zero-defects.
As a people-centric organization, we ensure a proper work-life balance for our employee. Our compensation standards comply with statutory norms so our employees can lead secure and satisfied lives. We also organize professional development programmes that allow them to keep pace with prevalent trends and techniques.