Our core CSR principles are pure, authentic and open dialogue with all societies and delivery of benefits that are sustainable, beyond our direct involvement. We seek to do no harm while bring maximum benefits to the local communities in which we carry our business.
It is a deeply satisfying activity that reinforces our sense of purpose and direction. Prathims Group also encourages employees to get involved in and contribute to the various community outreach projects that it initiates and supports.


Prathims Group promotes responsible and sustainable environmental stewardship through its operational practices and reforestation projects to protect the welfare of present and future generations.

As part of the Company’s sustainable approach, Prathims Group ensures enduring benefits for the local communities by tapping them to plant endemic species, by providing the necessary training support and by incorporating agroforestry through allocation of space for high value crops and fruit bearing trees.

This way, the local communities are provided with a sustainable source of income even after successfully completing the reforestation phase.

By 2030, PG sets a self-initiated target of planting a total of 10K trees


Recognizing that education is vital in creating an enlightened nation, Prathims Group uses a holistic approach to send low income students to schools also, we help to maintain school building by renovating the old building and providing infrastructure like white boards desk and clean toilets. We prepare them for bigger leadership roles in the future.

Prathims Group establishes a good foundation for the scholars through conduct of regular values formation programs, leadership workshops and pep talks. Partner teachers are also provided with regular seminars for them to learn new approaches and techniques in effectively managing classes.