About Us

The company was founded in 2016 by Brother and sister Combo of Pernamitta Family, they are the Pioneers in the family to enter the field of coal trading at the age of 25 yrs. Prathims Group has grown into a multidivisional conglomerate with its wings spread around most parts of India and UAE.

About Prathims Group

Prathims Group offers superior service and solutions within a dynamic and market-driven environment. We have four business units that are headed by highly experienced industry experts. Our divisions provide tailored, innovative, and comprehensive Trading solutions (Coal, Bitumen, Soya, Rice, DDGS &, etc.), Mining Mineral and dimensional stones, and its processing. Textile Manufacturing and its trading and Civil consultant and Constructions.

We pride ourselves in our ingenuity and strive continuously to remain competitive with technological breakthroughs and innovations. Our expertise lies in bringing process expertise together to deliver one-stop solutions to our clients.

Our Vision

To be the most selected and cost-effective solutions provider in Industrial Raw Trading, Textile Manufacturing, and trading and constructions.

Our Mission

  • To strive for a Clean and Green Environment
  • To provide cost-effective solutions.
  • To continually enhance and maintain the quality of products and services.
  • To continually upgrade product portfolios.
  • To continually upgrade our skills with the latest industry trends.

Head Office

Our state-of-the-art air-conditioned facility is spread over 1800 square feet, fitted with meeting rooms and a world-class tools documentation system. It complies with quality and safety standards, as per ISO 9001, our plans are approved.


Prathims Group is committed to equipage the value in every arena of the energy chain for the existing and prospective clients through our dedicated team effort by making the optimum utilization of all available resources in an ethical and socially responsible manner.

The Philosophy

Prathims Group believes that the protection of the environment, safety and health of its employees as well others involved in its operations is an integral part of its business and operations